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Corporate Profile

President Hiroki Ikeda
Founded April 1983
Capital 150,000,000 (wholly owned by Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.)
Field of Business Wholesale/retail, manufacturing
Product Lineup Cleansui Clean Water purifiers (pitcher, built-in, faucet-mounted, counter-top , wall-mounted, and commercial use), hollow fiber membrane filters, alkaline ionizers, water softeners , artificial carbonated water generators, medical equipment and installation work
Principal Supplier Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
Principal Sales Outlets Home electric appliance/camera mass-market stores, general mass-market stores, supermarkets, do-it-yourself stores, custom kitchen manufacturers, faucet manufacturers, real estate development related companies, equipment manufacturers, various medical organizations and water purifier/alkaline ionizer manufacturers
Main Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.(A/C No:9055366)
Board Members
  • Hiroki Ikeda, President
  • Yoshiichi Nakagawa, Director of the Board
  • Atsushi Satou, Director of the Board
  • Tatsuya Fushimi, Director of the Board
  • Hiroki Sakakibara, Director of the Board
  • Takahiro Ikeda, Director of the Board (part-time)
  • Katsuhiko Shimada, Director of the Board (part-time)
  • Osamu Takenouchi, Corporate Auditor (part- time)
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